American Airlines dropped more than 1,000 flights over the Halloween weekend, accusing weather woes and staffing issues.

On Sunday, the carrier dropped 527 all out flights, or 19% of every one of its arranged flights that day, representing almost 33% of all of the nation’s cancelations, as per information from aviation tracking website FlightAware. Another 31 flights, or 1%, were deferred.

American dropped an extra 543 flights, or 20% of its complete arranged flights, on Saturday. Another 407 flights, or 15% of its flights, were postponed, as indicated by data.

In a note to staff on Saturday, American COO David Seymour put the deferrals on helpless weather conditions around the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the carrier’s headquarters, that had uprooted staff around the nation, as per media.

“With extra weather all through the framework, our staffing starts to run tight as team members end up out of their standard flight arrangements,” Seymour said.

“To ensure we are dealing with our clients and giving planning assurance to our teams, we have changed our activity throughout the previous few days this month by proactively dropping a few flights,” American said.

After enormous staff cuts during the COVID-19 pandemic, American declared that 1,800 airline stewards will be getting back from leave on Nov. 1 in anticipation of the holiday travel season, with more expected to return on Dec. 1, as per news.