American Airlines dropped more than 250 more — around 9% of its scheduled trips — on Monday morning in the wake of dropping more than 1,500 flights as the weekend progressed, putting the travel disruptions on weather burdens and staffing issues.

By 8 a.m. ET Monday, American had dropped 269 flights for the afternoon and postponed another 117, as per information from flying following site FlightAware.

The new episode of cancellations comes as the carrier scrambles to recuperate from an untidy Halloween weekend that saw the aircraft drop as much as 30% of its scheduled flights on certain days.

In a note to staff on Saturday, American COO David Seymour put the postponements on helpless weather conditions around the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the carrier’s headquarters, that had dislodged staff around the nation, as indicated by media.

“With extra weather all through the framework, our staffing starts to run tight as crew members end up out of their normal flight successions,” Seymour said in his note, which was gotten by news.

Pilot and airline steward accessibility were recorded as explanations behind a large portion of the cancellations on Saturday and Sunday, as per inner counts, which were likewise seen by news.

Most influenced clients were rebooked that very day and Seymour said he anticipates that operations should stabilize this month.

“To ensure we are dealing with our clients and giving planning assurance to our crews, we have changed our operation throughout the previous few days this month by proactively dropping a few flights,” American said in an assertion.

After enormous staff cuts during the COVID-19 pandemic, Seymour declared in his note to staff that 1,800 airline stewards will be getting back from leave on Nov. 1 in anticipation of the occasion travel season, with more expected to return on Dec. 1, as indicated by news.

It’s the most recent illustration of how airlines, which were crushed by the pandemic as travel was stopped, are attempting to change in accordance with the quick bounce back popular for air travel.

Last month, Southwest Airlines dropped thousands of flights in seven days significant length as its managed down staff attempted to react to weather-related disruptions.

That catastrophe eventually cost the company $75 million, the aircraft said.

What’s more, in August, Spirit Airlines was likewise hit by thousands of cancellations and accused planning as a significant reason. That failure cost the company some $50 million, the Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based aircraft said.