California Gov. Gavin Newsom has left the state with his family for an outing to Mexico during Thanksgiving.

The Governor’s Office reported the excursion on Monday hours after Newsom held a news meeting at an vaccine center in San Francisco.

Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis will go about as lead representative while Newsom is out of the state, as needed by the state constitution. This is the reason the Governor’s Office as a rule declares whenever Newsom leaves the state, regardless of whether only for a couple of hours.

That is one justification for why Newsom was generally condemned recently for not unveiling his whereabouts for over seven days. Newsom had been booked to go to a global environment gathering in Scotland. In any case, he pulled out without a second to spare, citing “family obligations.”

That marked a 12-day stretch where Newsom held no open occasions. His office would not say where he was for sure he was accomplishing for the greater part of that time.

Newsom later said he had canceled his trip so he could take his four young children trick or treating on Halloween. He said he worked in his office at the Capitol during that time, expressing surprise that critics had wondered where he was.

The Governor’s Office said Newsom will get back to California on Sunday.