A Washington state lawmaker apologized Thursday after he wore a yellow Star of David at an occasion to say something against COVID restrictions.

Republican state Rep. Jim Walsh confronted blazing criticism for giving a speech Saturday while wearing the star, inspiring those that Jews had to wear by the Nazis.

“This motion went excessively far,” state Rep. Jim Walsh, a Republican, said during a radio interview with host Jason Rantz. “It was inappropriate and hostile and I’m horrendously grieved that it occurred and that I was a piece of it.”

Walsh’s expression of remorse was a turnaround from before in the week, when he safeguarded wearing the star. He drew in with critics on Facebook, where video of the speech was posted.

“It’s a reverberation from history,” Walsh commented on Saturday. “In the current context, we’re all Jews.”

Coordinators of the occasion were “worried about vaccine identifications and vaccine isolation,” he told.

“I will not say freely if I’m inoculated,” the lawmaker apparently said, telling the publication “a few people are irritated by giving vaccine documentation at their work.”

On Thursday, Walsh called he and others wearing the star “an idiotic idea.”

“The imagery is serious and can’t successfully be utilized to make focuses this way,” he said. “You can’t utilize a few things as a metaphor since they go too awful to even speak of. They go past what people can acknowledge – will acknowledge – as a metaphoric point.”

It wasn’t the first run through Nazi-time imagery was utilized in dissent of Covid arrangements, disturbing numerous who thought that it was inappropriate.

As of late, a Tennessee store confronted reaction for offering “Not Vaccinated” patches like the yellow stars, which additionally started a ruckus.

US Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene additionally confronted criticism, and later apologized, when she contrasted vaccine necessities with period Nazi laws during the Holocaust.