Tesla has recalled almost 500,000 vehicles to address safety issues connected with breaking down rearview cameras and skewed hood hooks that could expand the danger of mishaps, government safety authorities said Thursday.

The recall applies to 356,309 Tesla Model 3 cars from model years 2017 through 2020, just as 119,009 Model S vehicles from model years 2014 through 2021, as indicated by letters from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration dated Dec. 29.

The affected Model 3 vehicles might have a harmed rearview camera link because of continued opening and shutting of their trunk covers, the safety controller said. The issue could forestall “the rearview camera picture from showing,” as indicated by the NHTSA.

The affected Model S vehicles might have skewed front hood hooks, which authorities said could keep the hood from appropriately shutting and prompt it to “open suddenly, deterring the driver’s view and expanding the danger of an crash.”

Tesla didn’t promptly return a solicitation for input. The organization’s portions at first fell however much 3% in exchanging Thursday, yet recuperated and were level as of early afternoon.

Tesla owners impacted by the recall will be told through letters conveyed in February. The electric vehicle creator said it knew about 2,301 guarantee claims and 601 field reports in regards to the issue with Model 3 vehicles as of mid-December.

Tesla said it didn’t know about any accidents, wounds or passings coming from one or the other issue. The company intends to fix the imperfections for nothing.

The vehicle recall will unfurl in the midst of mounting government examination of Tesla vehicles. Tesla as of late consented to hinder admittance to in-vehicle computer games while cars were in motion following pressure from safety officials.

In October, the NHTSA pressed Tesla authorities to clarify why they didn’t give a recall when they carried out a prior programming update to address a safety-related issue with the organization’s “Autopilot” semiautonomous driving system.

In August, the NHTSA opened a conventional test into Tesla’s Autopilot function, analyzing 12 accidents where Tesla vehicles utilizing Autopilot might have neglected to recognize crisis vehicles.