Uplifting news, work searchers! Perhaps the most denounced companies in America right now is employing a lobbyist.

Exchanging application Robinhood posted a posting for a manager of federal issues position to an assortment of places of work on Friday, allowing some fortunate candidate to advance a company that has figured out how to bind together Ted Cruz, AOC, Elizabeth Warren, and Steve Cohen out in the open shock over its choice to prevent its clients from exchanging stocks like GameStop in the purported “Reddit Rally.”

The Washington DC gig is portrayed on RobinHood’s site as zeroing in on “federal promotion and government issues identified with authoritative and administrative issues.” The company said it’s “searching for a profoundly versatile and cooperative individual who can deal with uncertainty and quickly moving needs with adaptability and tolerance.”

With around at least twelve DC lawmakers calling for all the more light to be shed on the company over the most recent 24 hours, the company is searching for somebody with “considerable experience working for an individual from Congress or a Congressional committee.”

The posting comes in the midst of calls by lawmakers and investors for investigation of exchanging limitations forced on stock well known with little investors, as GameStop.

Indeed, even the Securities and Exchange Commission has ringed in. In an uncommon move, the office showed it will scrutinize the limitations that financiers, for example, Robinhood put on exchanges of GameStop, AMC Entertainment and different stocks siphoned up by newbie investors on Reddit’s “WallStreetBets” discussion.

“The Commission will intently audit activities taken by controlled substances that may inconvenience investors or in any case unduly repress their capacity to exchange certain protections,” acting SEC chair Allison Herren Lee said in a joint articulation with the office’s three different commissioners.

Robinhood boss Vlad Tenev shielded the limitations again on Friday, saying he was certain that the company would guard itself from a class-activity suit recorded late Thursday.

Robinhood didn’t react to a solicitation for input on the posting.