Virgin Orbit is at last satisfying its name.

English tycoon Richard Branson’s satellite-dispatching company effectively sent a rocket into space unexpectedly Sunday, following a failed endeavor a year ago.

The California-based company’s LauncherOne rocket flew into Earth’s orbit from over the Pacific Ocean and dropped off 10 satellites for NASA’s Launch Services Program, the company said.

The two-stage rocket was joined to the lower part of an altered 747-400 stream named “Cosmic Girl,” and afterward delivered from the plane in midair prior to lighting and advancing toward space, as per the company.

“Virgin Orbit has accomplished something many idea unthinkable,” Branson — who’s worth about $6.1 billion, as per source — said in a news discharge declaring the effective dispatch.

“This heavenly flight is the finish of numerous long periods of difficult work and will likewise release an entirely different age of pioneers on the way to orbit.”

The dispatch denoted a success for Virgin Orbit after it cut short a prior trial last May not long after its rocket was delivered from the fly. The company said the failed mission actually created a store of information.

Virgin Orbit was spun off in 2017 from Virgin Galactic, the company Branson established to ferry tourists into space.

Executives fight that its midair dispatches permit satellites to be dropped into their planned orbit all the more proficiently — and aren’t as inclined to climate related scratch-offs — than dispatches performed from a pad on the ground.

A Virgin Orbit auxiliary called VOX Space LLC is offering dispatches to the US military. A mission is set to dispatch in October under a $35 million, three-mission contract with the US Space Force.