Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech are requesting the US Food and Drug Administration for full approval from their COVID-19 vaccine for teenagers.

The vaccine has been approved for crisis use among 5-to 15-year-olds since May 2021. In August, US regulators conceded the Pfizer vaccine full approval for adults.

Pfizer says its vaccine is 100% compelling at forestalling Covid among 12-to 15-year-olds.

The pharmaceutical giant focuses to a review it directed with 2,228 teenagers in which 30 kids who got the fake treatment contracted Covid while none of the children who got the vaccine gotten the virus.

The company reports that a half year later the preliminary finished up, there are still no significant safety concerns noticed.

Adolescents are administered the same dosage as adults and receive two shots of the vaccination — just like adults.

By and large, kids are more averse to contract COVID and less inclined to foster serious indications, as per wellbeing specialists. Be that as it may, kids can in any case spread the sickness — and some foster more serious cases.

Pfizer’s endeavors to get vaccine approval come as certain specialists are pushing for Americans to have a booster shot.

Almost 200 million American are completely vaccinated against Covid.