Dr. Anthony Fauci on Thursday agreed that stuffed hordes of children at US-Mexico border offices would be a “major concern” for spreading COVID-19.

The country’s top irresistible infection master was shown a photograph in a consultation on Capitol Hill of traveler children swarmed in a border office in Donna, Texas.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), who held up the picture, said Border Patrol officials disclosed to him the office had housed 4,000 children pressed in together.

Contrasting the circumstance with an overpacked café, Scalise inquired as to whether Fauci would think of it as a “major concern” if a business was at 250% limit with 4,000 individuals.

“It would be a major concern, yes,” Fauci said.

Scalise said the figures were something very similar at the border office with children “by and large 6 inches separated, numerous without masks.”

At the point when Scalise inquired as to whether he would consider the offices ignoring public health guidance a “major concern,” Fauci answered, “Yes.”

Scalise at that point approached Fauci to carry the conditions to the consideration of President Biden.

“It’s occurring at the present time. It needs to end. President Biden can end this today,” Scalise said.

“He needs to stop this national health emergency, and a superspreader COVID occasion that he’s made at our southern border.”