Many people protested during the Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting Wednesday evening as individuals examined the conceivable utilization of electronic vaccination records.

The supposed ‘vaccine passports’ are advanced advances that give evidence that an individual has gotten the Covid vaccination.

Numerous that appeared at the Santa Ana meeting said it was an exceed by the public authority.

“We are not constraining anybody to get a vaccine passport, we are not going condition taxpayer driven organizations on vaccine status,” said Supervisor Don Wagner. “We are not having our kids get inoculated. That is even unlawful right now under the current vaccine endorsements.”

County pioneers said the records would just be given to people who demand them, and won’t be required to get to county services or buildings.

Be that as it may, adversaries are concerned it’s the initial step to restricting people who don’t need vaccinations from airplanes, stadiums, show halls, and businesses.

The meeting comes as Orange County authorities Wednesday were increase for Thursday’s first day of full admittance to COVID-19 vaccines for anybody matured 16 and more established.

Until further notice, county authorities won’t need to support staffing at its vaccination locales, Orange County CEO Frank Kim said.

“We don’t need to go a lot of higher in light of the fact that our portion designation doesn’t change we’re actually planning a similar 15,000 or so a day,” Kim said. “Along these lines, I don’t think from a staffing level it’s any more huge.”

However, when there is a critical expansion in vaccine portions, there will be a lift in staffing, Kim said.

Up until this point, the county has apportioned almost 2 million doses of vaccine, Kim said.