House Speaker Nancy Pelosi killed a case by Gov. Cuomo that a $50 billion federal aid package for the state was inadequate.

“We unfortunately see over 1.5 million Covid cases, almost 45,000 deaths, and countless occupation misfortunes in New York,” Pelosi wrote in a letter to New York’s congressional Democrats on Thursday. “Kindly realize that your interests are being tended to in manners that you have progressed and with the excited support of Leader Chuck Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.”

In the letter Pelosi said the genuine money the Empire State was set to get was at that point nearer to $70 billion.

“Generally speaking, New York state will get more than $50 billion in state and nearby subsidizing, and more than $20 billion in extra subsidizing to help families’ health, financial security and prosperity,” she composed.

The Pelosi message was the most recent in an angry piece of letter composing between the state and the speaker. On Tuesday, NY House Dems sent Pelosi a letter requesting more money. This followed a prior note from Cuomo to the entire state designation a week ago requesting in any event $15 billion more in aid.

The state bailout will be taken from Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid help package which is presently right now managing Congress.

At the present time the package concedes New York $12.6 billion in Covid help financing; $10.64 billion for nearby governments; $12.3 billion for schools, and $8.8 billion for the state’s perpetually underfunded travel framework.

The state is confronting a $63 billion shortage from incomes which have plunged because of the Covid pandemic.