The MTA demanded Saturday that it’s protected to take the subway after a series of attacks that left two destitute riders dead a week ago and incalculable others shaken.

All things considered, authorities are again calling for additional cops and mental health services to manage the vicious mentally sick who plague the system.

“The subway system is protected – yet as we have been saying for over two years, we’re worried about the uptick in specific violations and the critical absence of mental health help accessible to the individuals who are plainly encountering an emergency,” Interim MTA President Sarah Feinberg said Saturday.

“The City is liable for policing the subway system and for giving social and mental health services. We have been asking City Hall and the NYPD to venture up those assets for quite a long time.”

Feinberg was reacting to a Post piece specifying the record of a subway rider who consistently utilizes the 181st Street A train station and said she has become unfortunate of the travel system.

The MTA put the fault solidly on city authorities for the mental health gives that erupt, some of the time savagely, underground.

Blamed “A Train Ripper” Rigoberto Lopez, 21 — who specialists say slaughtered two vagrants found a weekend ago at furthest edges of the line — supposedly had a long history of mental disease.

The MTA requested that the NYPD station 1,500 additional cops in the travel system in the wake of the killings, after police metal promised to send in only 500 officials.

The MTA has been lecturing the city about the 181st Street station specifically for quite a long time.

Feinberg, alongside other MTA authorities, regularly visit the 181st Street station, the agency said, including as of late as a week ago.

The MTA has likewise stationed private security there.