Gab, a social network supported by the far right that detonated in notoriety after the mobs at the US Capitol, was offline Friday night, and its Twitter account likewise went dim.

Twitter clients previously began posting that the site and its related social media account went down at around 6:30 p.m. Eastern time.

At any rate one Twitter client who professed to be on Gab not long before it went dim Friday night hypothesized that the site was hacked as a piece of a cryptocurrency trick. media couldn’t check that hypothesis.

The site was back up before 12 PM Friday, alongside a post from CEO Andrew Torba clarifying that it had been brought down “out of a bounty of alert” after less than 20 accounts started “posting bitcoin wallet spam and related substance.”

“In view of our brisk activity zero bitcoin was shipped off any of the tends to posted and the influenced accounts have been gotten,” the assertion said.

A “security weakness” in the site’s codebase has been fixed, the articulation added.

Gab was taken offline in 2018 by its host after the suspect in the Pittsburgh temple slaughter posted enemy of Semitic tirades and paranoid fears. It at that point started tolerating cryptocurrency for installments to sidestep tech companies.