Trinity Classical Academy in Santa Clarita was fined $500 the previous winter after a health inspector made a trip and revealed maskless students were doing open air exercises that “didn’t enough advance physical distancing.”

Almost nine months after the fact, when one more inspector returned to check on the off chance that Trinity was keeping COVID-19 guidelines, it was hit with another reference – this time for denying admittance to the health inspector.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said schools have been “by and large agreeable” with its inspectors. Just nine schools across Los Angeles County had been refered to for abusing COVID-19 health orders as of January, as per information posted by the department.

In any case, a couple of schools have over and again obstructed Los Angeles County health inspectors from getting to their offices, welcoming on references and fines. It is a deadlock that has worked out as schools have become challenged grounds cross country for COVID-19 measures like masking.