With a student vaccination cutoff time days away and around 72% in consistence the Los Angeles Board of Education on Tuesday approved an expected $5 million for prizes and treats as incentives, including gift vouchers to Amazon and Target, passes to “Hamilton” and food trucks on campus.

The incentive program, currently in progress, is essential for an expansive based work to support vaccination rates by Nov. 21, the school areas purposeful cutoff time for students 12 and more established to get the first of two dosages. Students should be completely vaccinated by the Jan. 10 beginning of the second semester, or they won’t be permitted on campus. Their options would be to pursue their education outside of Los Angeles Unified or transfer to City of Angels, a district independent study program.

The incentives are mostly raffles, and anybody in consistence is qualified significance the people who are vaccinated, have an endorsed medical exemption or have an uncommon approved expansion. Strict exemptions are not being granted.

Raffle prizes have also included gift cards to grocery stores; tickets to Disneyland, Magic Mountain and Universal Studios Hollywood, and graduation-night entertainment packages. Some of the money is being spent centrally, but regional administrators have funds to come up with their own plans. Some have brought in food trucks; Wilson High in El Sereno has logo T-shirts for every student who follows the rules.