Google has consented to pay Agence France-Presse for news content after a dreadful legal and regulatory battle that saw the tech giant fined almost $600 million by French authorities.

The deal comes following quite a while of protests by news publishers all throughout the planet about Google and Facebook utilizing stories in list items without paying them.

A few advertisers that used to help newspapers and magazines have additionally progressively inclined toward the tech monsters, driving numerous media organizations to downsize inclusion and lay off journalists.

Google and the AFP, a Paris-based news office with authorities all throughout the planet, both declined to reveal the worth of the arrangement however said it will run for quite some time. Notwithstanding Google paying AFP for news content, the two companies will team up on projects including reality checking.

“This agreement is a recognition of the value of information,” Fabrice Fries, Agence France-Presse’s chief executive, said in a statement.

In July, Frances antitrust controller hit Google with a $593 million fine after grievances from AFP and significant French papers including Le Monde and Le Figaro. The controller blamed Google for not properly conforming to orders to haggle with publishers in sincerely. Google has pursued the fine.

Prior to the fine, Google had agreed earlier this year to pay $76 million over the course of three years to a group of 121 French news publishers, not including AFP. However, that deal has been put on hold pending the outcome of the antitrust proceeding.

France isn’t the principal nation to compel Google and Facebook to pay news publishers.

In February, Australia passed a law requiring Google and Facebook to pay for news and New York Post parent company News Corp. arranged its own worldwide arrangement with Google to supposedly be paid “tens of millions” of dollars to provide news content during the same month.

But News Corp. founder Rupert Murdoch is still unhappy with Google and Facebook, accusing the companies of damaging news organizations and consumers through their dominance of the online ad space during his company’s call with investors on Wednesday.

“Leave us alone extremely clear with regards to the outcomes of that advanced advertisement market control: Obviously, publishers have been really harmed, however companies have likewise been cheated for their advertising and consumers have hence paid a lot for items”, Murdoch said.