A New York Supreme Court judge on Wednesday requested an audit of in excess of 1,000 oath polling forms in an upstate county with the country’s last uncertified congressional race.

The decision by Judge Scott DelConte is the most recent street knock in arranging the triumph of the razor-meager race between Democratic Rep. Anthony Brindisi and his Republican challenger, Claudia Tenney.

Tenney leads Brindisi by only 29 votes.

DelConte decided that affirmation polling forms in Oneida County — the biggest county in New York’s 22nd congressional district — are to be sent back to its election board and peddled.

The judge, in his decision, refered to the Oneida County Board of Elections’ inability to measure more than 2,400 “opportune documented citizen enrollments” from individuals who enlisted at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

DelConte needs the Board to decide the number of the county’s 1,028 dismissed affirmation voting forms were projected by those electors whose enlistments were not handled, hence thusly denied.

Under the decision, those testimony voting forms that were denied, will currently tally.

The court “can’t permit the Oneida County Board of Elections’ deficient and ill-advised campaign of affirmation voting forms to bargain the genuine election results, nor to disappoint any citizen,” DelConte composed.

DelConte gave the Board until 6 p.m. Jan. 27 to report the aftereffects of their survey.