Comedian Jay Leno gave an apology Wednesday for past kids about Asians and Asian Americans.

Media Action Network for Asian Americans said the previous “Tonight Show” have communicated his regret in a new Zoom call among himself and the group’s administration.

The Asian American advocacy group said it has gone through years griping about Leno’s remarks.

In 2002, the 70-year-old comedian kidded about Chinese individuals and about Korean individuals eating dogs. Those remarks were said to have proceeded throughout the long term.

Leno said that at that point, he thought the remarks were innocuous however he acknowledges that he wasn’t right.

“At the time I did those jokes, I really believed them to be innocuous,” Leno said. “I was ridiculing our enemy North Korea, and like most jokes, there was a ring of truth to them.”

“At that point, there was a common disposition that some group is continually griping about something, so don’t stress over it. At whatever point we got a protest, there would be different sides to the conversation: Either ‘We need to manage this’ or ‘Screw them on the off chance that they can’t take a joke.’ Too commonly I favored the last in any event, when in my heart I realized it wasn’t right.”

“I’m giving this apology. I don’t believe this specific case to be another illustration of drop culture however a genuine wrong that was done on my part,” Leno proceeded. “MANAA has been extremely thoughtful in accepting my apology. I trust that the Asian American people group will actually want to acknowledge it, also, and I trust I can satisfy their hopes later on.”

Leno is set to host a new version of the 1950s game show “You Bet Your Life” this fall.