Hunter Biden on Sunday demanded it was anything but a “mistake” to take a rewarding seat on the leading group of a Ukrainian energy company while his dad was managing US policy to battle corruption in the country.

In the sad interview on media the president’s child additionally guaranteed he proved unable “recollect” leaving a laptop at a Delaware auto shop — which turned into the focal point of a Post uncover about his dealings with the natural energy firm Burisma — and demanded he would be “100%” cleared by a federal probe into his funds.

“I don’t think I committed an error in taking a spot on that board. I think I committed an error regarding disparaging the manner in which it would be utilized against me,” he said of the $50,000-a-month gig that caused a commotion and lighted a political firestorm since his father, President Biden, was filling in as VP in the Obama administration at that point.

Asked by have Tracy Smith in the event that he at any rate comprehended the terrible “optics” of being on the company’s board, the child said he didn’t.

“Since I truly didn’t. I’m being as genuine as possible. All I know isn’t one insightful body, not one genuine columnist has at any point denounced has at any point arrived at the resolution that I did anything incorrectly, that my dad did anything incorrectly,” he reacted in the interview to promote his journal, “Beautiful Things,” which will be delivered Tuesday.

media last October uncovered that Hunter acquainted his dad with a top leader at Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company that had been investigated for corruption.

The disclosures were contained in a progression of messages found on a MacBook pro laptop dropped off at a Wilmington, Del., computer fix company in April 2019 yet never got.

Hunter conceded that there “certainly” could be a laptop out there — yet he was unable to review on the off chance that he dropped off the one that incorporated the messages at the shop.

“Not that I recall by any means,” he said.

“Certainly, there could be a laptop out there that was taken from me, that could be that I was hacked, it very well may be that it was Russian insight, it very well may be that it was taken from me,” Hunter said.

Hunter’s work at Burisma has gone under serious examination by Congress and by federal prosecutors, who are exploring his “tax affairs” while sitting on the board.

He recognized the probe into his accounts however anticipated that he would be cleared over the long haul.

“I’m cooperating completely. Furthermore, I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt, 100% certain, that toward the finish of the examination, that I will be gotten free from any bad behavior,” Hunter said.

“You’re 100% sure you’ll be cleared?” Smith inquired.

“I’m 100% sure of it. And nothing remains at this point but to cooperate, and trust in the process, “he added.