Many protesters assembled in Times Square Sunday to condemn the new spike in assaults focusing on Asian-Americans in the Big Apple — remembering the stunning attack of a woman for Midtown a week ago.

“We need the entire country, every one of our partners to understand what we’ve been going through,” Jack Liang, co-organizer of the “Times Square Take Over” rally, told around 100 demonstrators accumulated in Midtown.

“Quit assaulting our elderly folks, quit assaulting our sisters,” said Liang, of Brooklyn. “I’m here. Battle me. Let our seniors be.”

Boards at the dissent streaked #stopasianhate and messages during the early evening time gathering, while signs conveyed by the group read “We have a place here” and “Racism is the deadliest virus.”

Demonstrators at that point walked toward the West 43rd Street building where Vilma Kari, a 65-year-old Filipino woman, was fiercely kicked and beaten while safety officers watched from inside the safety of the Midtown place of business.

The got on-video attack was only one of various late assaults on Asian-American Big Apple inhabitants.

“We’re telling the world we are solid and joined together and we are hoping to advocate change,” Oliver Pras, co-organizer of Sunday’s rally, told the group.

“At 200% uptick in brutality against Asians since the start of the pandemic, 60% against ladies,” Pras said.