Alphabet’s Google will lift its brief ban on election-related advertisements on Thursday, it said Wednesday.

Google’s interruption of election ads, which became effective after surveys shut in the US official election Nov. 3, was one of its measures to combat deception and different maltreatments on its site.

It was essential for its “touchy occasions” strategy, which tries to restrict content that conceivably gains by occasions like general wellbeing crises or catastrophic events.

The organization said in an email to advertisers seen by Reuters that “we presently don’t believe the post-election time frame to be a touchy occasion.”

Major online stages have been feeling the squeeze to police falsehood about the election on their locales, which kept on multiplying via web-based media after Election Day.

“We will in any case thoroughly uphold our ads arrangements, which carefully deny evidently bogus data that could fundamentally sabotage trust in elections or the vote based cycle, among different types of misuse,” Google said in an articulation on Wednesday.

At the point when Google declared the ban to advertisers in September, a representative said it would be set up for at least a week and that variables, for example, regardless of whether there was civil unrest would affect when it was lifted.

Facebook, which presented an impermanent ban on political and issue ads, said in November its post-election stop on political ads would almost certainly last one more month. Facebook didn’t quickly answer to a Reuters question on when it would lift its ban.

Google’s ban applied to election-related ads on its promotion serving stages, including its video-web-based feature YouTube and Google Ads.

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