Alphabet’s Google will cut the service fee that it charges engineers on its app store considerably for the first $1 million in income they procure each year, it said on Tuesday, after a comparative move by rival Apple a year ago.

Both the companies have experienced harsh criticism from huge firms like Microsoft and Spotify Technology, just as startups and more modest companies, that assert the fees deny consumers of decisions and push up the cost of apps.

Google said in a blog entry that the move would slice app store fees to 15 percent from 30% compelling July 1 and would affect a large portion of the designers on its app store.

Apple had said in November that it wanted to bring down its commissions for engineers who make $1 million or less in continues every year from its app store.

“Fortnite” maker Epic Games said in an explanation to media that Google’s move just eases a portion of the monetary weight of designers.

“Regardless of whether it’s 15% or 30%, for apps acquired through the Google Play Store, engineers are compelled to utilize Google’s in-app payment services,” Epic said.

Epic has been in constant conflict with Apple since August when the game producer attempted to try not to pay fees on the iPhone creator’s app store by dispatching its own in-app payment system, which provoked Apple to boycott “Fortnite” from its store.

Of the $38.8 billion produced from client spending on the Google Play store in 2020, Google cashed in on about $11.6 billion off its 30% cut from app makers, as indicated by information from Sensor Tower.