LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles County Health Department cautioned inhabitants Wednesday of con artists spreading bogus data about the Covid vaccine.

“The vaccines are here. It will take us months to get everybody inoculated,” said Los Angeles County Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer.

Ferrer cautioned that there are tricksters offering to immunize individuals before the area can. Nonetheless, the province is the solitary approved merchant of any Covid vaccines.

As of now, the vaccine is just being offered out to healthcare laborers and individuals who live in long haul care offices, for example, nursing homes.

Ferrer said the overall population won’t approach the vaccine until the Spring and additionally Summer of 2021.

The vaccine will likewise be free for L.A. Province inhabitants paying little heed to migration status. Anybody offering the vaccine with ease or ‘under the table’ is a trickster.

Con artists attempting to get money for counterfeit vaccines may likewise endeavor to offer the immunizations to youngsters. Ferrer said kids under 16 years old won’t be offered the vaccine soon.

Ferrer said as of Tuesday night, more than 38,850 forefront healthcare laborers had been immunized with the Pfizer Covid vaccine.

Tuesday and Wednesday, the area got an extra 116,600 Moderna dosages.

The news comes in the thing Ferrer is calling a “repulsive flood” in cases in the district.

“Almost certainly, every time you leave your family, you will come into contact with somebody contaminated,” Ferrer said Wednesday. “At this moment the time has come to twofold and significantly increase our endeavors to protect individuals.”

Numerous individuals have no indications and don’t realize they are conveying the infection, she added.


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