Federal agents purportedly raided the home of Citron Research founder Andrew Left last year as a component of a general examination concerning asserted bad behavior by short-sellers.

The FBI held onto computers from Left’s home at some point in the early piece of 2021, news announced.

Left, the lobbyist short-vender once named “The Bounty Hunter of Wall Street,” told the news service that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea why he was designated by the feds.

“It’s extremely difficult to shield yourself when you haven’t been blamed for anything,” Left said.

“I’m collaborating and I have full confidence in the system and the First Amendment.”

The Department of Justice has additionally summoned records attached to almost 30 venture and research firms with connections to three dozen noticeable short-sellers, as indicated by news.

The list includes Melvin Capital Management founder Gabe Plotkin, Orso Partners’ Nate Koppikar, Jim Carruthers of Sophos Capital Management, Nate Anderson of Hindenburg Research, and Viceroy Research’s Fraser Perring.

Perring and other people who have had their records summoned let news know that their companies haven’t been reached by DOJ.

“We will continuously help out any such examinations and are glad to help controllers in completing their obligations,” Perring said.

“Every one of our reports depend on data that is openly accessible, obtained from records that anybody at some random time could research or find.”

He added: “Our latest contact with the DOJ was in helping an examination concerning the misrepresentation at an organization that we had researched.”

Short-sellers bring in cash by getting and selling portions of organizations that they anticipate will see their stock value fall.

If and when the stock plunges, it tends to be repurchased less expensive and afterward returned by the borrower to the broker, in this manner bringing about a profit.

Some business leaders, including Elon Musk, have since a long time ago denounced short-selling, which is an authoritative document of securities trading.