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Faisal Notes is the business finance expert that tried to address the challenge of relevant financial information for upcoming investors and entrepreneurs providing relevant ones in Arabic. While numerous websites are offering qualitative business finance related information such sites offered the information in English or a few other languages. However, the Arabic speaking investors and businessmen found such information unreachable because many of them are not acquainted with any other language save Arabic. 

Many websites and search engines like Google have already introduced multiple language choices for clients. Until now the people not acquainted with English and other European languages were forced to use cumbersome procedures like online translation using some app to get their desired financial information. It was cumbersome, time-consuming and the accuracy was not assured. Arabic-speaking investors and entrepreneurs have been searching for a comprehensive source of required information in Arabic but until recently there was no such source for them.   

Bad time for such people came to an end when Faisal Notes the young entrepreneur and business expert launched his new website Wall Street Finance where all relevant information on Wall Street and other leading financial markets. In the commercial world, such information in Arabic gave a boost to the Arabic-speaking investors and entrepreneurs who now had a source where the financial information is available in their native language that is authentic and regularly updated.

“I have been serving Arabic-speaking people in various ways but of late, I realized an important thing. Though a major part of the commercial world is dominated by Arabic-speaking investors and entrepreneurs yet many of them are not able to optimize their business managing their financial resources properly. Such people were not getting the required financial information relating to Wall Street and other leading financial markets in their native Arabic Language. I decided to launch a website in providing information on financial markets and that is how the Wall Street Finance website was born”, says Faisal Notes about his newly launched website.    

The website designed by a team of top financial expert professionals provides all vital information in the Arabic language empowering investors and entrepreneurs to decide on many related issues besides management of finance making the site a goldmine of information for Arabic-speaking investors.

About Faisal Notes and Wall Street Finance

Faisal Notes is one of the leading entrepreneur-cum-financial experts in the commercial world. With his excellent support team, he has been providing the latest and most relevant financial information on the website in the Arabic language meeting the long-standing demand in the market.   


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