Dutch preservationists said they will barrage Jeff Bezos’ superyacht with spoiled eggs assuming the city of Rotterdam finishes revealed plans to destroy a part of a 140-year-old bridge to clear a path for the Amazon organizer’s $500 million vessel.

Rotterdam occupants took to Facebook to communicate displeasure regarding talk that piece of the Koningshaven Bridge, which local people allude to as “De Hef,” will be briefly eliminated so the 417-foot-high Y721 and its three huge poles can pass its 130-foot clearance.

Pablo Strörmann, 40, circled a welcome on Facebook asking local people to make a move by carrying an instance of spoiled eggs with them in the event that the yacht clears its path through the waterway.

“Rotterdam was worked from the rubble by Rotterdammers and we don’t simply dismantle it for the phallus image of a neurotic extremely rich person,” Strörmann composed on Facebook, as revealed by the Dutch news. Not without a fight.”

The Facebook event, which Strörmann purportedly recognized as being “not excessively intense,” has drawn consideration from very nearly 3,000 individuals who said they will go to while another 10,000 have shown that they’re “interested.”