BEIJING — A city in northern China is offering prizes of 500 yuan ($77) for any individual who provides details regarding an inhabitant who has not taken a new Covid test.

The proposal from the government of Nangong comes as millions in the city and its encompassing area of Hebei are being tried as a feature of endeavors to control China’s most genuine late episode of COVID-19.

The contribution of money or different compensations for data on political or social dissidents has a long history in China, however the pandemic is putting another face on the training. Those discovered resistant will be compelled to go through testing and a fourteen day quarantine at their own cost.

China has generally controlled nearby transmission using estimates considered by some to be extraordinary and profoundly meddlesome, including lockdowns of whole urban areas and close electronic observing of restrictions on going to and from parts of the nation.

With the following month’s Lunar New Year travel surge approaching, the public authority is advising individuals to wait however much as could be expected and not go to or from the capital Beijing, upsetting the nation’s most significant time for family get-togethers. Schools are likewise being let out seven days ahead of schedule, albeit many, remembering those for Hebei, have just returned to internet learning.

China on Friday revealed 53 new cases, remembering 33 for Hebei. Of those, 31 were in the common capital of Shijiazhuang, host to certain occasions for the following year’s Winter Olympics.

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