Apple is paying out shock rewards of up to $180,000 to software engineers in a bid to prevent workers from absconding to other enormous tech companies including Facebook parent Meta, as per another report.

Select designers across the company were told they would get the rewards keep going week, media investigated Tuesday.

The bonuses went in size from $50,000 to $180,000 and came as limited stock units, as per the power source. The stock grants supposedly require four years to completely vest, giving the employees motivation to remain with the organization instead of escaping for Meta, Google, Amazon or different contenders.

Not all designers are getting the rewards — and some who have been left out are irritated, as indicated by the outlet.

The news comes as large tech organizations battle about scant designing ability in Silicon Valley, with Meta supposedly employing away 100 Apple engineers in the beyond couple of months alone. The Facebook and Instagram parent company is especially dedicated to hiring away augmented reality, artificial intelligence, software and hardware engineering employees, according to news.

Apple and Meta didn’t quickly react to demands for input.

Apple’s generally close re-visitation of office plans have additionally incensed some corporate workers, who the company plans to ultimately need to get back to the workplace no less than three days out of each week.

In the mean time, Meta, Google, LinkedIn and other tech firms are telling numerous representatives they can work remotely always — albeit some will be compelled to take compensation cuts — in a move that could assist them with poaching ability from stricter competitors.

Earlier in December, Apple said it was giving all employees across the company, including retail workers, $1,000 bonuses.