Disneyland that has created magical experiences for the two kids and grown-ups for quite a long time as of late declared it would be moving nearly 2,000 Walt Disney Company jobs from the Burbank/Glendale region to Orlando, Florida, to cash in on $580 million in tax credits expected to be paid out over the course of the following 19 years.

The jobs remember positions for finance, human resources, technology, communications and imagineers — with normal pay rates of $120,000.

The company said it supported Florida for its business-accommodating environment, better lodging costs, lower income tax, less jam-packed schools and better streets with less traffic.

However, Loyola Marymount Professor Fernando Guerra, organizer of the Center for the Study of Los Angeles, said the drop eventually came down to cash.

“Capital and enterprises are not steadfast,” he said. “They are not individuals, they don’t have feelings, all they care about is the primary concern and that is the reason the move is going to occur.”

Guerra said moving jobs to Florida just advantages that state and not the U.S. all in all.

“The current 2,000 employees, it’s worse for them since half of them, or the greater part, will lose their jobs and many will choose not to go over,” he said.

A representative for the company said the new grounds would establish a powerful climate to help the growing business, however the move could mean a decrease in income for nearby businesses like Pho Hot.

Supervisors at the Vietnamese eatery said a few of their clients work at a close by Disney office that will be affected by the move.

“It’s likely going to decay about 15% to 20% for our business,” Phong Thong, a café specialist, said. “Ideally we’ll get more clients.”

A representative said with the Walt Disney World Resort and other key offices previously situated in Orlando, the move just seemed well and good.