The US actually hopes to meet its objective for delivering COVID-19 vaccines regardless of Johnson and Johnson battling with production, a White House senior aide said Monday.

Andy Slavitt, a senior consultant to President Biden’s Covid reaction group, said that the drugmaker is as yet on target to convey 24 million doses in April.

“You can expect even without extra doses from Johnson and Johnson for us to be some place around there,” Slavitt said at a Covid press preparation.

“You crunch the numbers. There is a lot of supply to keep on immunizing Americans at 3 million every day, to say the very least. That is also the way that there are numerous doses that have effectively been circulated into states.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had said that conveyances of the antibody were to dive this week by in excess of 80%, however the reason is hazy.

Some state authorities accused an agreement plant in Baltimore, where in any event 15 million shots were spoiled when laborers allegedly stirred up fixings with one more shot.

However, the assembling plant wasn’t approved to supply doses yet at any rate and is presently looking out for endorsement from US controllers.

“We are satisfied by the way that Johnson and Johnson meanwhile has assumed responsibility for the plant, has disposed of the jumbling component of another antibody being created there,” Slavitt said.

“Furthermore, they stay certain that they will have the option to convey at or almost 24 million this month and over or near 100 million by May.”