Twitter is thinking about new features that could help users keep their hidden and professional lives discrete — including one that would permit people to restrict who sees certain tweets.

The concept, named “Trusted Friends,” would permit users to send tweets to a select gathering of friends or followers as it were.

It’s like Instagram’s “Close Friends” feature for Stories, in that users would at this point don’t need to switch accounts to tweet at their intended audience.

Another concept for another feature, “Facets,” would allow people to take on various personas utilizing a similar record. Others would have the option to follow the whole record, or simply the “facet” they are interested in.

The two early ideas were shared Thursday by @a_dsgnr, the record of Twitter designer Andrew Courter.

“We hear you all, flipping your Tweets from public to protected, shuffling alt accounts. It very well may be less difficult to converse with who you need, when you need,” Courter wrote. “With Trusted Friends, you could Tweet to a gathering based on your personal preference. Maybe you could likewise see trusted friends’ Tweets first.”

In another tweet, the designer wrote, “Here’s another methodology, accepting a conspicuous truth: we’re various people in various settings (w/friends, fam, work, public) Facets, an early thought, allows you To tweet from unmistakable personas inside 1 acct. Others can follow the entire acct … or just Facets they’re interested in.”

Twitter users by and large seemed to react emphatically to the ideas, yet in addition voiced a few concerns and ideas of their own.