Twitter is testing a Reddit-style feature that permits users to “downvote” and “upvote” answers, the company said Wednesday.

The feature — which the company depicted as “simply a test for research” — is accessible to an unknown number of users, as per Twitter.

Upvotes will be displayed as preferences, while downvotes won’t be shown freely, the company said. Votes will not change the request wherein answers are displayed.

“We’re testing this to comprehend the kinds of answers you find significant in a convo, so we can deal with approaches to show a greater amount of them,” Twitter said.

The idea of upvoting and downvoting presents is pivotal on design of Reddit, which depends on users’ votes to choose what content is prominently displayed on its site.

In a reaction to Twitter’s declaration, Reddit made fun of the similitudes between the new feature and Reddit’s longstanding design, calling Twitter’s move “INTERESTING.”

Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour had alluded to the feature last year, writing in November that upvotes and downvotes were “something we’re investigating.”

It’s hazy whether the feature will be carried out to more users later on, or then again if votes will ultimately influence the request where tweets are displayed.

For the present, the company depicts the feature as an “experiment.”