Former President Donald Trump was “very appreciative” and “surprised” that President Biden publicly credited his administration’s role in helping to quickly deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to the American people.

Trump shared his response in news later Biden offered the comments before from the White House while talking about updates to the federal pandemic response.

“Thanks to the earlier administration and our scientific community, America was one of the principal nations to get the vaccine,” Biden had said.

“Thanks to my administration and the difficult work of Americans, we drove a rollout that made America among the world forerunners in having chances in arms,” added the president.

Trump’s administration helped the three US-approved COVID-19 vaccines by emptying billions into research and development through Operation Warp Speed.

“I’m exceptionally keen to that—I was shocked to hear it,” Trump told news of the recognition from Biden.

“I think it was a terrific thing and I think it makes a lot of people happy.”

Biden, during his comments at the White House, additionally lauded Trump for having the booster shot.

Trump uncovered Sunday that he got the third hit at an occasion with Bill O’Reilly — eliciting boos from some in the crowd.

The previous president told media that Americans need to “embrace” the vaccine.

Trump additionally said “tone” and “trust” are key variables in getting Americans vaccinated — not mandates.