Former President Donald Trump on Monday declined to affirm reports that he’s ready to make a social media rebound, however said that meanwhile, he’s getting a charge out of messaged press releases more than his former Twitter channel.

“We have a ton of alternatives and something will occur with social media in the event that I need it to occur,” Trump said in an interview.

Trump senior adviser Jason Miller told News on Sunday that “I do believe we will see President Trump getting back to social media in likely around a few months here with his own foundation.”

Be that as it may, Trump, who formerly gave feature snatching tweets nonstop, demanded to Kelly he’s really made the most of his break from social media after Twitter, and Facebook, deplatformed him following the Jan. 6 Capitol revolt. He said the companies did him “some help.”

“I have huge alternatives since you realize I had presumably 200 — in excess of 200 million individuals when you put it all together, and that is a ton. That is unrivaled stuff and out of nowhere they choose, it’s such a large number of individuals, thus they cut it off,” Trump said.

“I’m doing, I think and you just suggested it, I do press releases. What’s more, honestly, they’re more rich than tweeting, as the expression goes, they’re truly significantly more exquisite and the word is getting out.”

Trump said that messaging explanations “takes less time. It’s most likely a superior structure and everybody’s hanging tight for it.”

“You know, for me it works. For others, it wouldn’t work on the grounds that a press discharge doesn’t imply that much,” Trump added.

“However, when I discharge — you know when I put out a press discharge, you see what occurs. Everyone is pausing and I believe I’m improving and more inclusion with that than I did with tweeting. Furthermore, the tweeting gets you in difficulty since you’re retweeting individuals and you discover that the retweets were not very great on the grounds that the person, on the off chance that you didn’t do investigate, that you’re retweeting isn’t the awesome. So it gets you a little trouble from time to time. Be that as it may, no, I like this better than Twitter. As a matter of fact they helped us out, this is better.”

Trump was inquired as to whether his next introduction to social media would be with assistance from Peter Thiel, the Paypal fellow benefactor and early Facebook financial backer, who was an ally of his 2016 campaign. He seemed to preclude it.

“Indeed, Peter is an incredible person. He’s been an ally and he’s a splendid man from, you know, Silicon Valley, basically. What’s more, he’s worked effectively. In any case, no, I have gigantic alternatives,” Trump said.