Sheriff’s Officials Tuesday seized a great many marijuana plants and captured more than 20 in raids focusing on unlawful pot farms in the Antelope Valley.

Keep going week, media gave an account of how predominant the unlawful marijuana develops were in the high desert and the risks they present. Specialists said some of the tasks were controlled by worldwide medication cartels and unlawfully utilize others’ property and water.

Video of the activity showed agents eliminating weed plants and destroying a 75-nursery develop that made 10 acres of progress in Lancaster.

As indicated by the sheriff’s specialization, 23 captures were made, five guns were seized, two water trucks were recuperated and marijuana worth large number of dollars was seized from greenhouses. Agents additionally saved seven blended variety canines including four pups that were put being taken care of by a charitable canine salvage association.

Villanueva said in excess of two dozen court orders had been presented with additional to come. He said the illicit activities were perilous, however we harming the environment too.

“The measure of refuse, trash, the pesticides, the chemicals that are utilized go directly into the environment, gets into the natural way of life, influences all our wildlife, our critters,” he said. “The garbage is flung for a significant distance and the breeze conveys it all through the desert and its effect is endless.”

Various agencies including the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Army and sheriff’s specializations from Ventura and Kern areas were engaged with the activity.