Coronavirus is all over the place – or right?

As odd as it sounds, there are 11 nations that have stayed without pandemic since the coronavirus desolated the remainder of the world.

Not incredibly, they are Pacific island nations with next to zero external traffic and who secured early, restricting all international guests from their shores. The 11 nations, as indicated by the Star, who have not logged one instance of COVID are:

The Cook Islands

Population: 17,000

Safety measures included school closings on Rarotonga, the most crowded of the nation’s 15 islands, and energized social removing openly – yet following half a month, life returned to typical.


Population: 11,500

Boundaries were shut quickly with a severe fourteen day quarantine forced on anybody entering the nation.


Population: 104,000

Almost immediately, this island country rerouted voyage transports and actualized a restriction on international travel.

Pitcairn Islands

Population: 50

Populated completely by the relatives of the well known rebels of the HMS Bounty and a small bunch of Tahitian hostages, who arrived on the islands in 1789, not a solitary COVID-19 case has been logged here.


Population: 17,900

Comprised of in excess of 300 islands, the nation suspended all travel and established an exacting quarantine for residents getting back.


Population: 1,624


Population: 12,700

It could be COVID-10 free yet life for some on this island is as yet terrible. Probably the least fortunate nation on Earth, to bring in cash, the public authority leases a large portion of its property to Australia for use as an internment camp for illegal immigrants and evacuees.


Population: 116,000

Not many carriers really fly into Kiribati so it was simpler for this country to set out a travel boycott.


Population: 1,411

Found somewhere between Hawaii and New Zealand, this small country is still COVID-19 free.


Population: 112,000

Comprised of in excess of 600 islands, the public authority cautioned almost immediately: “No travelers are permitted to land any air or ocean vessel beginning outside of Federated States of Micronesia, except for people conceded a special case from the National Government or those chipping away at business ocean vessels standing careful steps and conventions.”


Population: 5 million

The lone non-island country in the gathering, this Central Asian nation simply didn’t record any cases – along these lines, presto! No COVID! With respect to whether it’s really without covid is easily proven wrong.