The Cuomo administration has unobtrusively set up 19 “Coronavirus in particular” nursing homes all through the state to treat patients recuperating from the executioner bug who are released from medical clinics.

State Health Commissioner Howard Zucker uncovered the foundation of the Covid just nursing homes in a 16-page letter shipped off the state Legislature Wednesday, which was his reaction to a progression of inquiries presented by officials who seat boards of trustees directing nursing homes.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his health division went under savage analysis the previous spring — during the most exceedingly terrible of the COVID-19 flare-up — when a huge number of recuperating Covid patients were delivered from emergency clinics and shipped off nursing homes.

Some nursing home administrators guaranteed a March 25 state Health Department order constrained them to concede or readmit COVID-19 patients when they were overpowered by the episode. At that point, nursing homes were not permitted to test new confirmations for COVID-19, had deficient individual defensive hardware and experienced staffing deficiencies.

Nursing home administrators griped they were told they couldn’t move wiped out COVID-19 patients to the impermanent state Javits Center emergency clinic or the United States Navy’s Comfort clinic transport which then-President Trump dispatched to New York harbor to help treat debilitated patients during the pandemic.

“Beginning in November the Department dispatched a work to set up COVID-just nursing homes… The homes were set up to permit the exchange of MEDICALLY STABLE, BUT steadily certain COVID-19 nursing home qualified patients from Article 28 emergency clinics to these nursing homes to additional their recuperation before release to home or another nursing home,” Zucker said in his reaction to officials.

Zucker said there are 19 COVID-just nursing home locales dissipated across all areas of the state, containing a sum of 1,941 beds “to address the issues of this unique populace.” He didn’t indicate which nursing homes are utilized as COVID-just offices.

The previous spring there were just a modest bunch of COVID-just nursing offices.

In the letter, Zucker said 13,297 nursing home occupants have died from COVID-19. The number leaps to 15,049 while including fatalities from other long haul care offices, for example, helping living and grown-up childcare communities.

Zucker additionally said the state spent more than $12 billion to address the COVID-19 pandemic in nursing homes and emergency clinics, generally help given by the government. Almost $9.2 billion went to medical clinics and $520 million to nursing homes.

The health commissioner delivered the data to the Legislature after a strained gathering with administrators, who had blamed him and Cuomo for “delaying” them for quite a long time by neglecting to uncover the total tally of nursing home inhabitants who died from COVID-19. Others had blamed Zucker for being a Cuomo “manikin” and liar.”

The gathering was likewise gone to by top Cuomo associates, including secretary to the lead representative Melissa DeRosa and budget director Rob Mujica.