Tesla shares plunged Monday morning after CEO Elon Musk sold 10% of his stake, or some $21 billion — staying faithful to his commitment to comply with the results of a Twitter poll.

Stock in the electric car company was trading hands at $1,158 per share as of 6:40 a.m. ET, down in excess of 5% from its Friday closing price of simply more than $1,222.

The fall comes after Musk — worth an expected $338 billion, generally in Tesla stock — asked on Twitter whether he should sell a significant stake in the electric car company.

“A lot is made recently of unrealized additions being a method for tax avoidance, so I propose selling 10% of my Tesla stock. Do you support this?” he asked Saturday close by a poll.

The world’s most extravagant man, who has some 62.5 million adherents on Twitter, gave clients the choice to cast a ballot “Yes” or “No” and pledged to follow the result of the poll.

More than 3.5 million people reacted, and very nearly 58% casted a ballot for the deal. Musk has not said when precisely he may sell his tranche.

Dan Ives, managing director at Wedbush Securities, said that numerous on Wall Street previously anticipated that Musk should sell 5% or 6% of his stake in Tesla this year.

He added that 10% is a “higher sum that could amaze a few investors in any case it’s a digestible number we are not excessively worried about.”

In the weeks in front of Musk’s poll, Tesla stock energized to new highs, floated by record second from last quarter income and the declaration that car rental company Hertz is requesting 100,000 Tesla cars for its armada.

Musk has over and again said he doesn’t take a compensation from any of the organizations he runs and is just remunerated through stock options, and accordingly he doesn’t pay any close to home income tac until those options are practiced and he chooses to sell his stake.

The immense stock honors, which were laid out in a shareholder-endorsed contract, have made Musk the single biggest shareholder of Tesla with a stake worth more than $200 billion.

The to a great extent tax-secured abundance has likewise made Musk the objective of assaults from radical legislators who say the American tax system should be upgraded to ensure super billionaires like him pay their reasonable portion.

“Whether or not the world’s richest man pays any taxes whatsoever shouldn’t rely upon the results of a Twitter poll. It’s the ideal opportunity for the Billionaires Income Tax,” Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon and chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said Saturday in a tweet.

Musk shot back with trademark profanity, “For what reason does ur pp seem as though u recently came?” he asked, clearly alluding to the congressperson’s profile picture.

Musk has recently offered more meaningful protection of his absence of tax payments, saying that pundits don’t comprehend the circumstance and that he has somewhat little money to pay taxes with.

In September, Musk said at the Code Conference in California that he’ll pay a marginal tax pace of in excess of 50% when his Tesla stock options lapse. He added at the time that he was at that point wanting to sell, beginning toward the finish of this current year.

“I have a lot of options that are lapsing ahead of schedule one year from now, so … a tremendous square of options will sell in Q4 — on the grounds that I need to or they’ll terminate,” he said at the conference.

Musk’s Twitter poll comes in the midst of a public discussion over taxation, and regardless of whether the system ought to be updated to target billionaires whose abundance is restricted in stocks.

Last month, Democrats proposed an arrangement to tax billionaires’ unrealized increases, a significant suggestion that would in a general sense reshape US contributing and entrepreneurship.

Musk, who might have been among the most impacted by the update, immediately assaulted the arrangement, which has since died.