Telecom giant AT&T on Monday reported a deal to branch off its substance unit WarnerMedia and union it with Discovery, making an enormous studio that could rival streaming adversaries Netflix and Disney.

The two companies said AT&T will get $43 billion in a blend of money, obligation and WarnerMedia’s maintenance of certain obligation for the deal. Current AT&T shareholders will get stock addressing 71 percent of the recently shaped company, while Discovery shareholders will control 29 percent, the joint announcement said.

WarnerMedia, which was known as Warner Bros when it was gained by AT&T through the acquisition of Time Warner in 2018 for $109 billion, incorporates CNN, HBO just as cable channels TNT and TBS. Discovery focuses more on reality-centered TV channels, for example, the Food Network and HGTV.

The consolidation could make another media behemoth esteemed around $150 billion.

It’s the most recent illustration of combination in the media business as the once-enormous companies battle to change in accordance with new buyer requests as more Americans cut their cable subscriptions and settle on streaming. The blend of WarnerMedia and Discovery may set the combined company up to all the more likely rival set up streaming players Netflix and Disney, which possesses Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+, Amazon Prime Video and others.

“I’ll be in New York, I’ll be anyplace on the planet where the creatives are to endeavor to drive the best imaginative culture immediately today, since that is the thing that will make us the extraordinary company — and the incredible streaming company — that John and I began discussing a couple of months prior,” David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery, said at a question and answer session. Zaslav will lead the consolidated company, as per the announcement.

The deal likewise addresses a shift in direction for AT&T, which had looked for as of late to coordinate substance creation and conveyance. It’s side project of WarnerMedia successfully turns around those plans.

“This understanding unites two diversion pioneers with corresponding substance qualities and positions the new company to be one of the main global direct-to-shopper streaming stages,” John Stankey, CEO of AT&T, said in a proclamation. “AT&T shareholders will hold their stake in our driving correspondences company that accompanies an alluring profit. Besides, they will get a stake in the new company, a global media pioneer that can construct one of the top streaming stages on the planet.”

Portions of AT&T were up just about 5 percent in the premarket after the announcement. Find stock was up around 15 percent.