The Taliban assumed responsibility for the presidential royal residence in Kabul on Sunday — brazenly posturing for pictures inside vacated Afghan government offices and meeting rooms.

The pictures show vigorously furnished warriors from the radical Islamic group remaining around one Taliban pioneer as he sits at the work area of departed President Ashraf Ghani, who escaped the capital city, as per reports.

Another photograph shows in excess of a dozen rebels finding a seat at a long conference table inside the Afghan government building,report.

The group reported from the castle that they will restore the Islamic emirate that was disbanded after US forces attacked in 2001.

The Taliban moved into Kabul on Sunday after a lightning-quick military operation permitted the agitators to catch the majority of Afghanistan over the previous week and went into converses with government authorities at the presidential castle, the media announced.

The improvement denoted the most recent in the ongoing chaos in Kabul.

American helicopters cleared staff from the US Embassy, the worldwide airport where US ambassadors and many Afghans had looked for cover experienced harsh criticism, and individuals in alarm over feelings of dread that the Taliban would get back to their abusive guideline overflowed the roads.

“The airport is out of control… the (Afghan) government just sold us out,” an authority at the airport told news.

Prior Sunday, Taliban radicals said they would not assault the city until the exchange of power was worked out.

“Taliban warriors are to be on reserve on all passages of Kabul until a serene and palatable exchange of power is concurred,” Taliban representative Zabihullah Mujahid.

The Taliban broadcasted an Islamic emirate when they accepted power in Afghanistan in 1996 and organized a severe form of sharia law that restricted ladies from working or considering and precluded Western books and motion pictures.

The insurrection, which drew from the “mujahideen” who battled against the Soviet Union during the 1980s, was overturned by the US for holding onto al-Qaeda psychological militants while they fostered their arrangement to assault the US on 9/11.