American Airlines and Southwest Airlines both posted second-quarter benefits on Thursday on account of liberal federal pandemic relief that covers the vast majority of their work costs.

The reports on Thursday highlighted the progress that airlines are making in reconstructing after the Covid crushed air travel — and how much farther they should go to completely recuperate.

Southwest said it brought in cash in June even without the federal guide. President Gary Kelly said the new quarter “denoted a significant achievement in the pandemic recuperation as leisure travel request flooded.”

The two transporters announced income far over 2020 levels. That mirrors the rising number of individuals taking flights in the U.S. — presently around 2 million every day, or around 80% of pre-pandemic levels. Domestic leisure travel is generally back to typical, however business and international travelers are still for the most part missing.

American Airlines squeezed out a second-quarter benefit of $19 million, incorporating almost $1.5 billion in federal relief. Without the citizen financing and other exceptional things, American would have lost $1.1 billion, or $1.69 per share. In any case, that is American’s littlest changed misfortune in any quarter since 2019, and the changed misfortune was not exactly the $2.03 per share misfortune gauge by examiners, as per a FactSet survey.

Stronghold Worth, Texas-based American’s income bounced more than four-overlap from a year prior, however was down 37% from a similar quarter in 2019.

Southwest revealed a benefit of $348 million, switching last year’s deficiency of $915 million in a similar three-month stretch. Excluding federal relief and other exceptional things, the Dallas-based carrier would have lost 35 pennies for every share — more than investigators’ expectation of 21 pennies for each share in misfortunes.

Income quadrupled from a year prior to $4.01 billion yet stayed 32% lower than a similar quarter in 2019.

As travelers have started returning, airlines are adding flights. Last year, as the airlines wavered on the edge of financial ruin, they convinced large number of employees to stop or take long haul leaves of nonappearance. Presently, work deficiencies are adding to massive flight postponements and cancellations, and airlines are scrambling to hire workers.

American as of late reported designs to build up staffing by reviewing 3,300 flight chaperons from leave in the not so distant future and recruiting 800 additional by the following spring. It intends to hire 350 pilots this year and more than 1,000 one year from now.

In exchanging before the initial chime, shares of American Airlines Group and Southwest Airlines each fell around 2%.