Morgan Stanley interns say they might want more work adaptability — even as their hard-charging CEO jumps all over the developing work-from-home development.

The majority of the investment bank’s interns say they might want some work-from-home alternatives when they enter the workforce all day, as per an internal survey directed by Morgan Stanley.

Nearly 71% of Morgan Stanley’s 120 Europe-based interns said this, contrasted with 66% of its 341 North America-based interns, the survey found.

The survey results come as Morgan Stanley’s James Gorman joins the developing ensemble of Wall Street CEOs requiring their workforces return to their work areas.

Gorman has requested his staff members to get back to the workplace after Labor Day or endure the fallouts, saying: “Assuming you need to get paid New York rates, you work in New York, none of this ‘I’m in Colorado, working in New York and getting paid like I’m sitting in New York City.'”

Incidentally, Gorman and others, including JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon, have refered to their interns as a superb justification requesting staff members get back on the metro.

“Depend on it. We take care of our job inside Morgan Stanley workplaces, and that is the place where we instruct, that is the place where our interns realize, that is the means by which we foster individuals,” Gorman said at a U.S. Financials, Payments and CRE conference in June.

Last month he emphasized the situation on a profit call: “I generally accept the manner in which you and I foster our vocation is by being tutored and by watching and encountering the expert abilities of the individuals who preceded us,” the Wall Street tycoon told examiners. “You can’t do that sitting at home without help from anyone else, there’s a breaking point to Zoom technology.”

Morgan Stanley declined to remark.