A security spat between the U.S. also Mexico that compromises the avocado supply in the U.S. is placing the focus on California ranchers, a significant U.S. provider of the fruit.

The U.S. on Friday suspended all avocado imports from Michoacán, the main Mexican state endorsed for avocado exports, after a U.S. plant inspector there received a threatening phone call.

California creates most of U.S.- developed avocados, meeting around 10% of the country’s consumption. The rest is imported, essentially from Mexico, and ranchers dread a delayed ban could crush the market in a manner they aren’t prepared to handle.

U.S. officials didn’t elaborate on the idea of the danger against the U.S. Division of Agriculture employee in Michoacán, a seaside state only west of Mexico City where drug cartels have assumed control over networks and as of late have battled for control of the avocado industry.