An evident Russian airstrike struck Kyiv’s focal TV broadcasting antenna Tuesday, taking the country’s TV stations off the air, Ukrainian military officials said.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense affirmed the assault and said it would require some investment for reinforcement broadcasts to come on the web.

Ukrainians were cautioned that Russians might attempt to spread disinformation through fake broadcasts meanwhile.

“The enemy can spread fakes to weaken what is happening,” the Ministry said.

Nearby media detailed that there were a few blasts and that Ukrainian TV channels quit telecom quickly thereafter.

The Kyiv TV tower conveys both TV and radio stations.

Footage filmed by a witness captured a ball of fire exploding near the tower.

The attack on Ukrainian correspondences framework came as a huge section of Russian covering kept on pushing for the capital city. As of early afternoon Tuesday, Russian powers were inside 17 miles of Kyiv’s downtown area.

Russia had taken steps to complete strikes on Ukrainian State Security Agency offices, encouraging close by occupants to leave their homes, Russian state media detailed.

Russian forces have moved forward the force of their ordnance assaults lately, and started utilizing heavier weapons.

Kyiv’s TV tower is neighboring the city’s Holocaust dedication, Babi Yar.

A ravine where almost 34,000 Jews were killed inside 48 hours in 1941 when the city was under Nazi occupation, Babi Yar turned into a dedication last October. It is indistinct whether the dedication was damaged in the shelling.