New York is in for a late-winter, Staten Island Chuck anticipated on Tuesday.

The Big Apple’s most acclaimed marmot anticipated a finish to winter misery in a virtual ceremony from the cold Staten Island zoo.

The textured prophet shot out of his tunnel looking for his shadow around 8 a.m. — and didn’t see it, which means spring is practically around the bend.

The yearly Groundhog Day ceremony was held without Mayor Bill de Blasio, and distantly, in the midst of social separating orders and a beast blizzard that unloaded around 18 creeps on the city Monday.

The zoo normally welcomes a group to check whether Chuck sees his shadow, as the sitting city hall leader is available to cajole him out of hibernation.

The tunneling star of the precinct has had a quarrelsome relationship with pioneers before. In 2014, Chuck — later uncovered to be a substitute groundhog named Charlotte — passed on after being dropped by de Blasio.

Hizzoner on Monday joked that he was “exceptionally vexed” about missing the current year’s occasion.

As per lore, if Chuck sees his shadow because of clear climate, he will withdraw to his cave and winter will keep going for six additional weeks. On the off chance that he can’t see his shadow because of shady climate, spring will come early.

In the interim, the cuddly critter’s Pennsylvania rival, Punxsutawney Phil, couldn’t help contradicting his 2021 forecast.

As per a 2012 Post examination, Chuck is a more precise meteorologist, making right expectations 80% of the time, contrasted with Phil’s forsaken 39 percent achievement rate.

New wellbeing safeguards were founded in 2015 after the New York groundhog passed on of inward wounds brought about by de Blasio’s drop.

Chuck is presently remained careful in a Plexiglas nook while making his yearly expectation, and de Blasio has avoided the occasion on different occasions.