The New York City hotel industry is buried in an economic depression in spite of an uptick in travel as the country rises up out of the COVID-19 flare-up, as per another report delivered Tuesday.

New York hotel incomes per accessible room are as yet 67% lower this past May contrasted with May 2019 – the year prior to the Covid pandemic set off lockdowns and prohibitions on homegrown and international travel, as per the investigation led by the American Hotel and Lodging Association.

Gotham has seen 33% of its hotel rooms shut during the pandemic, the report said.

The Big Apple was one of seven huge urban areas whose hotel industry was as yet portrayed as in an economic depression — alongside San Francisco, Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Seattle and Minneapolis.

Incomes were somewhere near a scope of 51% percent in Minneapolis to 70 percent in San Francisco.

The hotel industry in 14 different urban communities were depicted as in downturn contrasted with incomes pre-pandemic.

“While a few ventures are beginning to bounce back as COVID-19 limitations ease the nation over, the U.S. hotel industry is as yet in a downturn, with the hardest hit markets in a depression,” said Chip Rogers, president and CEO of AHLA.

During the pandemic, 60 city hotels took homeless individuals who were redirected from thick shelters to assist with forestalling the transmission of COVID-19. However, people who are homeless are currently being reassigned to shelters in the midst of plummeting disease rates and increasing vaccination rates.

New York City Hotel Association president Vijay Dandapani said the industry is as yet hurting from international travel limitations just as worries about rising weapon brutality in the Big Apple.

“We need international boundaries to return to travel. Security and wellbeing is an issue also. The air needs to change,” Dandapani said.

Dandapani said the sullen report was exact, however he portrayed the neighborhood hotel market as being in downturn as opposed to depression.

He said the normal income per hotel room in the city has plunged by $140 — from $260 pre-pandemic to $120 now.

Rogers of the AHLA is encouraging Congress to pass the Save Hotel Jobs Act legislation to give financial assistance to hotels in frustrated locales, so they can hold and rehire representatives until travel, including business travel, picks up.