Tesla CEO Elon Musk the world’s most well off man taunted the United Auto Workers union, one of the biggest work bunches in the country, over defilement claims that have tormented the association for a really long time.

“New UAW slogan: ‘Fighting for their right to steal money from workers!’” Musk tweeted Wednesday.

Musks remark came because of an article specifying charges brought before Wednesday by government examiners against Tim Edmunds, a previous UAW official in Michigan, who purportedly stole a great many dollars and spent it on “gambling, guns and cars.”

Edmunds is the sixteenth individual charged in the rambling defilement outrage that is tormented the UAW lately.

Brian Rothenberg, an association representative, pushed back on Musks portrayal of the UAW, saying that it was the associations own inner reviewers who uncovered the charges against Edmunds.

The UAW changes are what tracked down the issue, he said, adding that the association declared the disclosure of the supposed stealing the month before.

Musk has a contentious past with associations.

Teslas labor force isnt unionized and in 2017, the UAW recorded a grievance with the National Labor Relations Board in the interest of many Tesla assembly line laborers who were terminated from the gathering plant, asserting that the specialists were unreasonably focused on for being pro-union.

Recently, the NLRB decided that Tesla abused labor laws when it terminated one union dissident and again when Musk tweeted: Nothing halting Tesla group at our vehicle plant from casting a voting union. Could do as such tmrw assuming they needed. Be that as it may, why satisfy association obligations and surrender investment opportunities to no end?

The federal agency requested Musk to erase the tweet.

More recently, Musk has found himself at odds with the pro-union Biden administration. In September, he railed against President Joe Biden, accusing him of bias against Tesla and saying that the current administration appears to be “controlled by unions.”

Musk pointed explicitly to an electric vehicle occasion facilitated at the White House in August, to which Tesla which sells more electric cars in the US than some other car producer wasnt invited.

Biden held this EV highest point didnt welcome Tesla. Welcomed GM, Ford, Chrysler, and UAW [United Auto Workers Union]. An EV highest point at the White House. Didnt notice Tesla once, and applauded GM and Ford for driving the EV unrest, Musk said at the time.