In excess of 10,000 individuals in the US and abroad are getting their internet from an organization of SpaceX satellites, the Elon Musk-drove company says.

The rocket-fabricating firm promoted the number in a recording with the Federal Communications Commission as it hoped to grow the Starlink satellite internet administration.

“Starlink’s presentation isn’t hypothetical or trial,” SpaceX wrote in the Wednesday documenting, adding that the organization’s “execution is quickly quickening progressively as a component of its public beta program” that dispatched in October.

SpaceX plans to give admittance to fast internet in rustic regions with Starlink, which costs $99 every month in addition to $499 for the hardware expected to interface with the organization. The company said in August 2020 that “almost 700,000 people” had communicated interest in Starlink.

While SpaceX cautioned early Starlink clients that the help could be inconsistent, the company said it is “meeting and surpassing” velocities of 100 megabits each second.

“Starlink keeps on improving as SpaceX sends extra foundation and ability, averaging two Starlink dispatches each month, to include huge circle limit close by initiation of extra passages to improve execution and extend administration inclusion territories the nation over,” SpaceX told the FCC.

In the recording, SpaceX requested that the feds assign it as an “Qualified

Telecommunications Carrier,” which it needs to give Starlink administration in seven states including New York and Tennessee.