Mike Bloomberg isn’t care for most New Yorkers — he’s completely substance to stand by in a line.

A week ago the previous mayor of New York was spotted external Neary’s restaurant on the Upper East Side persistently sitting tight for a table.

A covert agent revealed to Page Six that there was a horde of hungry benefactors outside the entryway attempting to get a table when a staff part perceived the business titan and gal pal Diana Taylor and offered them a free pass to cut the line.

“Like a gentleman, he courteously rejected and asked that the restaurant oblige the people in front of him first,” the covert agent said prior to adding, “Pure class.”

The Irish pub, which opened on St. Patrick’s Day in 1967, had been shut because of the Covid pandemic and was facilitating a welcome-back dinner.

While governing the city, Bloomberg could frequently be found in his #1 burger joint, Viand Café, for his standard request of soft-boiled eggs and toast.

Bloomberg, 79, was the mayor from 2002 to 2013 and mounted an ineffective mission to win the 2020 Democratic selection for president.

Neary’s restaurant declined to remark and Bloomberg didn’t answer for input.