A member of the National Rifle Association’s board of directors says the best way to tidy up the gun-rights group is to supplant the current board and top executives — including CEO Wayne LaPierre, new court papers show.

In a Friday court recording, NRA board member Roscoe Marshall Jr. requested to intercede in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ claim looking to separate the organization over charges that top executives, including LaPierre, siphoned a large number of dollars and in any case spurned non-profit rules to finance sumptuous ways of life.

While Marshall disagrees that the NRA ought to be separated for acceptable, he accepts the best way to fix the group is to delegate a temporary receiver and to introduce totally new administration, as indicated by papers his lawyer Taylor Bartlett recorded in the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Bartlett says Marshall would be a decent possibility for the temporary receiver position.

“Mr. Marshall perceives and likes that without this activity no significant change in the NRA’s administration will probably happen because of litigant LaPierre’s absolute control of the chief initiative and his strength of the board,” the court reports claim.

“To the degree conceivable Mr. Marshall will work with the Attorney General to change the NRA’s administration to assist all typical NRA members,” the documenting says. “Mr. Marshall will seek after recuperation of all NRA reserves illegitimately paid to the third parties embroiled yet not sued by the AG, while enthusiastically contradicting the AG’s dissolution claim.”

James said her office is auditing Marshall’s movement, adding, “we are glad to hear that Mr. Marshall concurs that Wayne LaPierre and his top lieutenants should be taken out structure the NRA.”

NRA lawyer William Brewer noticed that Marshall’s attorneys as of late lost a comparable bid for two NRA members to intercede in the suit.

“Presently, with in a real sense just days left of his appointment as a board member, Mr. Marshall seems to protest the NRA’s current, winning technique: safeguard the political assaults of the NYAG and keep a commitment to great administration,” Brewer said.

A lawyer for LaPierre didn’t promptly return a solicitation for input.